Saturday, October 18, 2008

People Are Talking Rolex...

Talking Rolex

I have been following a fascinating thread at where the original poster asked a question that has brought out many very interesting answers. 

Mephist from Norway posed the simple question "Why Rolex? What is your personal reason for why you own and like Rolex?"

Asser1 from Springfield, Missouri shared a fascinating answer:

"I got bit by the bug with my dad owning a Sub (no date). By about 13, I wanted one and I finally got a Sub (no date) at 18–the only kid and probably teacher at my high school who had one. Fast forward less than a year just back from basic training and traded the Sub for a GMT II, wish I could have kept the sub."

"Fifteen years later I was over Rolex (or so I thought). I flirted with several other luxury makes including Tag (Carrera, Monaco) Omega (Speedmaster) Longines (Hour Angle) and Cartier (tank). Finally, sold my GMT II to dad and was Rolexless for 2 days. The other great watches left couldn't fill the void, something inside me said you are not finished with Rolex. I stewed for a month about which one to drop the dough on and ended up with a S/P Yachtmaster and then a month later another Sub no date for $1300 more than I paid for my first one (hence why I wished I could have kept the Sub)."

"There is something unexplainable about a Rolex, that I feel no other watch possesses. I know for a fact that lesser luxury makes do not instill the pride in ownership my Rolexes do. My Speedmaster probabaly comes closest. I doubt very seriously that a more prestigious make I admire would fascinate me more than a Rolex either (Vacheron, Breguet, A. Lange or Patek)."

"The spell a Rolex holds over me is nothing more than an unsolved mystery. I look at other watches with admiration but I haven't got that "I must have this now" that I get when I go to the Rolex shop."

You can view the thread on by clicking here.