Saturday, November 08, 2008

Chuck Yeager's Rolex Right Stuff...Before & After...

Chuck Yeager–61 Years of Wearing Rolex

This first photo of Chuck Yeager wearing his Rolex was taken 61 years ago in 1947. The Rolex watch pictured in this photo of Chuck Yeager is back where it was originally made in Switzerland, at the Rolex company in their private historic collection. Chuck Yeager wore his Rolex Oyster when he became the first man to break the speed of sound record on October 14, 1947.

Chuck Yeager's James Bond

On Jake's Rolex Watch Blog I have shown this stunning shot of Chuck Yeager wearing his James Bond 6538 Rolex Submariner in the past.

I recently found the image below that shows more of his context. If you click on the image above it has stunning high-resolution and you can see his James Bond 6538 Rolex Submariner up close & in detail. The image below is not so high-res, but you see more contextually.

Chuck Yeager's Coke GMT Master II

I always thought Chuck Yeager wore a Pepsi GMT Master but as you can see if you click on the high-resolution photo below, he wears a Coke.

Here is a recent photo of Chuck Yeager and it looks like he is sticking with his Coke GMT Master II. Chuck Yeager has been wearing Rolex watches for at least 61 years now.