Monday, November 03, 2008

Part 4: Daniel Craig's Vintage Sean Connery Rolex Submariner 6538

Answers To James Bond Rolex Mystery Lead to More Questions

I was not planning to do a 4th Part about Daniel Craig's Rolex but the subject seems to be creating quite a stir, particularly on in the Modern Rolex forum.

I would like to thank Kelly M. for finding this video from Daniel Craig's first James Bond Movie, Casino Royale. Somebody pointed out that when Daniel Craig responds "Omega" that he pronounces it "Omeeega."

This is the video scene I was referring to in Part 1 of this series that incorporates what I refer to as a repositioning strategy:

Also, there is a thread that you can visit by clicking here that talks about how a man went to see the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace and was shocked to see a Rolex commercial just after seeing an Omega commercial.

In this thread, member MISTER-BLACK says:

"Hello folks,

"Just caught "Quantum of Solace", the latest James Bond. Before the movie, the cinema was showing an Omega commercial. It featured the Omega golf tournament. Two famous golf players were competing. One of them drives the ball right next to the hole. The other player drives his ball onto the green and knocks the first player's ball. I think the ad ended with "significant moments" and the Omega logo.

"Not surprising as Bond is currently wearing an Omega.

"What caught me by surprise was a Rolex commercial shortly after. I didn't even know it was a Rolex ad until I saw a Daytona. So here it goes...maid is preparing dinner table for guests. Young owner of the mansion walks in. Maid wants to light up the candles for dinner but ran out of match sticks. Owner takes out lighter but runs out of fuel. He jumps into a sports car and looks at his 18K Daytona with black dial and red second hands. Zooms off to gas station. Sexy gas station attendant gives him 1 drop of gasoline into his lighter. He looks at his Daytona again. Rolex logo.

"This is the first time I've seen a Rolex commercial at the cinema. Did Rolex deliberately put an advertisement close to a Omega commercial? Why did Rolex plant the commercial in a James Bond movie?

"Are we gonna see Bond wearing a Rolex in the next movie?

"Not sure if you had the same experience in your country??"

I found the all new Rolex commercial referenced above. Here it is:

On a member said he watched Daniel Craig on a talk show in the UK say that he collects watches, which may be why he is wearing the Sean Connery Rolex Submariner 6538.

Speaking of, I don't know if it is the same lol-x as Steve who owns the forum that commented on Part 2 of this story on Jake's Rolex Watch Forum, but here is what he said:

lol-x said...
"Very well written. Only thing is I don't understand the strategy of Danial Craig wearing a Rolex, unless Rolex pays him. I would not think Omega would get any advantage by it."

In yet another thread which you can view by clicking here. Kelly M, conducted a poll asking if Rolex should pay for product placement in the James Bond movies?

I will give you my answer to this question. Yes. If I were Rolex I would pay the money, but I would do it quietly, and I would not be listed as an official partner. I would make the investment if I were Rolex because I think it is important for them to own their legacy with James Bond.

I realize that James Bond is a fictional character, but many guys perceive him as a cool role model.

Here are some more photos of Daniel Craig wearing his Sean Connery as Goldfinger Rolex 6538 Submariner on a NATO strap. The photos are from the Roman premiere of Quantum of Solace.

Daniel Craig is pictured below shaking hands with Prince William at the London premier of Quantum of Solace.