Friday, November 07, 2008

White Gold Rolex Watches...Photos by Hannes...

If It Looks Like Stainless Steel, It Does Not Feel Like Stainless Steel

I would like to thank Hannes, the owner of the German Rolex forum located at for sharing his amazing photos for this article. 

Stainless steel Rolex watches are by far the most popular. They are rugged, utilitarian, understated and much less expensive than gold or platinum Rolex watches.

From what I have learned, Rolex over the decades has strived to make the white gold and platinum Rolex watches indistinguishable from their stainless steel brethren. I believe Rolex does this to keep the white gold and platinum watches low key.

This first photo is of a white gold Rolex Day-Date with a President bracelet

This next watch is the relatively new 43mm Yachtmaster II in white gold

This last image is the white gold Rolex Daytona

I would say that if I did not know any better and I saw these watches, I would assume they are stainless steel.