Thursday, December 04, 2008

Upcoming Christie's Important Watches Auction December 12–New Yourk

Christie's has an Important Watches Auction coming up December 12, 2008 in New York at Rockefeller Center.

Rolex Curvex

There are two really interesting watches that caught my eye. First is this magnificent stainless steel Rolex Curvex Art-Deco Watch [Reference 6555] that was made around 1930. I can't believe how timeless this design is. If Rolex mad this exact watch today, I would wear it.

It is 45mm long and has tumbling Arabic numerals with a hinged back. Christie's says it is circa 1930, but I think it could be from as early as 1928. [Lot 31 / Sale 2041, Estimate $3,500-$4,500]

Unique Arrow Hands

Next we have this Rolex GMT Master [Reference 1675] with definitely unusual if not unique arrow hands. I have never seen hands like this? Interesting design. [Lot 265 / Sale 2041, Estimate $15,000-$25,000]

I wonder if this watch was a prototype? It also has an unusual dual indices in the six o'clock position. Notice the standard GMT marker is elevated and has a small round marker underneath it. One thing I have learned about Rolex design throughout its history, is that they seem to have experimented like crazy with their details.

It almost seems like they threw everything they could think of at the wall and just watched to see what stuck. I mean this as a compliment. In design it is important to experiment and in my own experience as a designer, I have made more beautiful mistakes than intentionally great targeted designs.