Monday, May 11, 2009

3rd Annual New York Watch Get Together (GTG)

3rd Annual New York Watch Get Together (GTG)
You Are Invited

The 3rd Annual New York Get Together will be held in New York City (NYC) this coming Saturday, May 16, 2009 and you are invited. If you are not familiar with a Watch Get Together, known as a GTG, it is a social event that includes a meal and is mostly for Rolex (RIS) and general watch collectors (WIS).

It is amazing how fun and interesting the GTGs are. The thing that blew my mind is if you have never been to a GTG you will meet a whole bunch of really cool people that you will get along with really, really well. Think of it as space camp for adult watch collectors!

While the formal event is on Saturday from 3-8 p.m., the fun starts on Thursday night as many people fly in Thursday and leave Sunday. So everybody hangs out and has fun and even if you can only make it Thursday or Friday or Sunday you can hang out and have fun.

James Dowling (Mr. Rolex), Milos (WatchFan1) and Leo (The Idle Swede) at a previous NYC GTG

The photo above of James Dowling, Milos (WatchFan1) and Leo (The Idle Swede) was taken at a previous NYC GTG and I know Leo will be attending, as well and Milos.

The NYC GTG has no affiliation with any online forum or Jake's Rolex Watch Blog and everyone is welcome to attend. People travel from all over the planet to attend this event in Manhattan. The NYC GTG is next Saturday and if you wish to attend, please contact Milos at (727) 365-2266.

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