Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Under The Hood : 3135 Movement Put Back Together...

Under The Hood

Leo and I were talking a few days ago and I mentioned I am interested in doing a series of Ken-Burns-like-documentaries on the history of Rolex. I also mentioned I want to do a series of videos where we take you on a guided tour of the inside of a Rolex so you can see what makes it tick–literally.

If we did a video named "Inside The Rolex Daytona" we would use super-high resolution cameras with high-end macro lenses to literally take you inside the watch. I envision walking through each step of dismantling, cleaning and putting the watch together again.

Leo sent me this video which I have seen before. I chose not to post it in the past because I think it leaves much to be desired, but it is fascinating nonetheless. Hopefully in the future we will produce something much, much better that makes it easy to understand how a Rolex movement works.

I believe if people actually learned how these mechanical masterpieces work, it would give them a hole new appreciation for Rolex watches and mechanical movements in general. I am embarrassed to admit it, and even though I know so much about Rolex design and history, I still don't understand what every part of the movement is and how they interoperate–and I am really curious to learn about how they work!!!