Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rolex Blog: 100PERCENT-ROLEX!!!

My Buddy Bernhard's Blog!!!

I have a fascinating story to share with you about my pal Bernhard's new Rolex Blog from the Dutch, Netherlands!!! Bernhard has an amazing collection of vintage Rolex watches and his blog is named and you can check it out by clicking here.

Some of you may know Berhnard by his online handle of Bullibeer. I first came across Bullibeer in the German forum a few years ago. He had a distinct trademark with his photos whereby he typically would take unusual wrist-shots of his super-cool vintage Rolex watches, and he would typically include his pant legs and vintage athletic shoes in the photo.

The Sneaker & Pant Wrist-Shot Style
Bernhard [Bullibeer]

I think it is very interesting that Bernhard created his own unique style of wrist-shot by shooting photos that include his pants and shoes. In many ways, Bernhard took the wrist-shot to a new level. Of course, anybody can shoot this style, but to the best of my knowledge Bernhard invented it. Very interesting, very cool and very unusual...

I remember when I first started seeing Bernhard's unusual wrist shots thinking Bernhard must be as crazy about Rolex design as I was, but in a different way.!!! recently wrote a story about the recent story I wrote about how I discovered a 7th Rolex on Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond. This recent Jameslist story is named Daniel Craig Tale Of Treachery Continues. began the story:

"The fantastic Mr. Ehrlich over at Jake's Rolex Blog (a must for any Rolex nutter) recently unveiled the next step in Daniel Craig's masterplan to annoy the hell out of Omega."

I've heard RolexAholic, Rolex Junkie, Rolex Fanatic, RISistus, but I must admit I had never heard "Rolex Nutter." Several days later, Love Blomquist from emailed me to tell me about a follow-up article published.

Love Blomquest, who is a writer from and lives in Stockholm Sweden proceeded to tell me he was a "long-time fan" of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog and he thought The Daniel Craig who plays James Bond who prefers wearing Rolex in his personal life article was a "great article" then he asked me when the podcasts are coming back?

The reason I brought up the story is because Berhnhard (Bullibeer) and I are indeed Rolex Nutter's!!!! Also, there will be many, many great podcasts coming up on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog for everybody that is interested. I only mention this because so many people ask me.

So back to Bernhard's new Rolex Blog named 100PERCENT-ROLEX [THE BLOG FOR ROLEX PASSIONADO's]. "Rolex Passionado's" is also a new term for me ;-)

Bernhard has an amazing Rolex collection and his blog is great which you can check it out by clicking here.

Bernhard and I have become pals over the years and please join me in wishing him nothing but the best with his new blog!!!

It is really amazing how in many ways the online Rolex community is really like an extended family. First you casually observe members of the community from your catbird seat (computer screen), all of a sudden you end up meeting them at a GTG or in a forum or through email and you become pals!!!

By the way, Berhard has a thing for retro athletic shoes also which he is cover on his blog. I remember when I first saw the photo below thinking "What a trippy dude!?!" I mean "trippy" in a good way!!!

Bernhard's Final Holy Grail
Paul Newman Exotic Dial Rolex Daytona

As I mentioned earlier, Berhnard (Bullibeer) has an amazing collection of vintage Rolex watches, many of which I have published stories on over the years. I think one of the reasons Bernhard started his blog is so he could have a centralized place to share all his photos.

The two photos above and below are from a story I did back in June of 2009 about how Bernhard finally found his last grail Rolex which was a beautiful Paul Newman Daytona [Exotic Dial] which you can check out in more by clicking here.

In the online Rolex community there are three dudes that I know of that are real Paul Newman Rolex Daytona "Nutters." First is Berhnard (Bulliebeer), second is Jeff (Dr. Strong) and third is myself.

All three of us seem to think Paul Newman was one of the coolest guys on earth and if you want to learn more and see many great photos of Paul Newman wearing his trademark Paul Newman Daytona please click here.

I remember when I first saw this next photo Bernhard took years ago of his Paul Newman Exotic Dial Daytona on a FATSTRAP–I thought it was so cool and powerful!!! This great Rolex image of Bernhard's will alway remain highly iconic and inspirational for me:

You know, it is amazing, now that I think about it, how many vintage Rolex memories I have from Jake's Rolex Watch Blog that have to do with Bernhard!!! I remember one weekend, a long time ago, I published a story about how I had done a podcast with the highly decorated NASA Astronaut and International Space Station Commander Dr. Leroy Chiao.

GMT Master at NASA

Dr. Chiao mentioned that when he was a kid, he remembered watching an episode of Star Trek that had a character named Gary 7 who somehow took Captain Kirk and Spock back to Cape Canaveral during the Apollo days, and this Gary 7 figure was wearing a Pepsi GMT. You can check out that original story by clicking here.

To make a long story short, I remember Bernhard getting very excited about the Star Trek story and about another story I did that same week featuring screen-grabs from I Spy.

I Spy a Rolex GMT Pepsi

Here are a few screen grabs from the first episode I analyzed of I Spy that show Kelly and Scotty that Bernhard got excited about last November. It's a Deja Vu kind-of-thang ;-))))

If you have been a reader of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog for a while and you are wondering what happened to I Spy Saturday and Flipper Friday and Miami Vice Monday, I plan to bring them all back as soon as I complete the current series I am working on about the history of the Submariner.

I think young Bill Cosby sporting his Pepsi GMT Master on I Spy is so cool!!!