Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Random Retro Video of the Day: Jordache Jeans

Random Retro Video Of The Day
"You Got The Look I Want To Know Better" with Jordache Jeans

One of my favorite things about Jake's Rolex Watch Blog is exploring history. Not just Rolex history, but history in general. I think it is fascinating from an anthropological perspective to examine social moires, design standards and fashion references, so I decided from to add a new feature named Random Retro Video.

Random Retro Video will simply be something I enjoy and want to share with you. Some people are only interested in their own generation, but I have always been fascinated with past history.

Jessica, who is an old friend of mine and a reader of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog shares my fond appreciation for nostalgia and she sent in the first video that was a Jordache Jeans commercial from 1979 which I think I remember. I know Bernhard (Bullibeer) from Denmark is going to like this ;-)))