Saturday, May 18, 2024

Rolex Coolness: Dabney Colman

Dabney Coleman

Belongs to the Ages


Kept the time of his life with his Rolex Datejust

Dabney Coleman passed away today at age 92. He had an amazing career as an actor in movies and TV spanning over 50 years and wore his two tone Rolex Datejust for 5 decades. His Film career has covered many decades and began his film career in an Elvis Presley movie named The Trouble With Girls.

Dabney went on to star in mega-hits like The Towering Inferno, Nine To Five, Tootsie, War Games, On Golden Pond, Dragnet and the Beverly Hillbillies. He also had a great voice that will always remain highly iconic.

In Television, he played many different roles, including being on The Outer Limits, Barnaby Jones, Columbo, Mary Hartman-Mary Hartman, and Fernwood Tonight. He starred in two hit TV series, Buffalo Bill, The Slap Maxwell Story and Boardwalk Empire, and was most recently in an episode from Yellowstone.

One of Dabney Coleman's most memorable roles came in Nine To Fine and he is seen below with his costars from Nine To Fine, Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.