Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rolex Macro Shots of the Day: A Yellow Gold Submariner From Down Under....

Yellow Gold Goodness
From Down-Under

David from Australia is a fan of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog and he sent in these superb Macro shots of his yellow-gold Rolex Submariner with the following note:

Hi Jake,

Greetings from Australia. Firstly let me say how much I enjoy your blog - I particularly like the integration of historical and (most) entertainment and sport figures with their watches. I'm a big Bond fan so the bits on that were great.

I have enclosed a few macro shots of my Sub 18K which is a bit of a rare beast around these parts. I'm a bit of a novice with the macro but these ones IMHO seem to capture the textures and character of the watch. Use them if you want.

Best Wishes