Thursday, December 03, 2009

Special Discount Pricing On all-new 27 inch iMac Only $1655!!!

Special Holiday Discount Pricing
On all-new 27 inch iMac
Only $1655!!!

I recently wrote a super-detailed review of Apple's all-new 27inch iMac which is by far and away the best computer you can buy today. I have some great news if you want to save a lot of money on the all-new 27inch iMac.

You can get one delivered to your front door for only $1655 which includes free shipping and they don't charge sales tax. All you have to do to get this brilliant new machine for $1655n is click on the photo of the iMac below with the Ferrari on the screen.

How much of a real savings is this? If you go to an Apple store and buy this exact same machine by the time you get out the door, you will have spent around $1850 out the door, thus you save around $200 for the EXACT same thing.

Also as a holiday gift, you can watch the MacHeads Documentary below about the history of Apple. This movie is free to watch and pretty funny and fascinating.