Friday, February 05, 2010

Rolex Dreams...

Rolex Dreams
Under Greek Waters
Another Rolex Story From Buenos Aires, Argentina

Just yesterday, we checked-out a letter from Abel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and today we get to enjoy an email from Eduardo Raffaelli who also lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is a daily reader of Jake's Rolex World. Seems like Jake's Rolex is popular in Buenos Aires!!! Eduardo sent in this amazing historical Rolex ad with his inspirational story:

Hi Jake,

I thought I'd share this old Life Magazine Rolex advertisement that featured a story about a skin-diver who recovered his sunken Rolex Oyster after 7 years.

Perhaps you are familiar with the great Rolex story. For me, as a kid, this Rolex article inspired me to get into diving as much as the TV show Sea Hunt and Jacques-Yves Cousteau books did. I began to look for Rolex ads in magazines because they always showed some diver, or adventurous individual in a situation related to the sea.

Later, and for some years, as I could not afford to buy a Rolex yet, I dreamt while diving that I would find a Rolex laying on the sea floor...I could almost imaginge rubbing the encrusted glass, and seeing the second hand being to move, from the light shaking...

Best regards,