Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Calendar Watch You Can Afford: Rolex Oysterdate

A Calendar Watch You Can Afford
Rolex Oysterdate

Eduardo Raffaelli from Beunos Aires, Argentina sent in this 1950s Rolex ad and he said:

"A couple of days ago you published the photo of the Datejust, which was pretty much alike the watch in this ad. We can see the affordable Oysterdate with manual winding and the old style Oyster bracelet, and the more luxurious Datejust with added the Perpetual, the Chronograph rating and the new bracelet with lug-cover pieces."

Eduardo also mentioned in a previous email that he cut the ads he cut the Rolex ads as a kid, from a bunch of old Life Magazines that his father kept in the attic. Eduardo also mentioned the black and white Life Magazines were dated from 1947-1955. It is amazing how many people fell in love with Rolex when they were young just from checking out magazine ads!!!