Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rolex Vintage Bubblebacks: Fascinating Marketing Nomenclature

Rolex Vintage Bubblebacks
Fascinating Marketing Nomenclature

As I have mentioned before, Rolex design history was a exercise in experimentation coupled with the constant push to achieve new levels of innovation and quality, and to a large extent Rolex design and marketing threw everything they could think of at the wall and watched to see what stuck.

Rolex King Of Wings

These two next watches are fascinating examples of Rolex Bubbleback design and marketing nomenclature. This first model is named King Of Wings. That is an interesting name that obviously did not stick to the wall, but it is interesting non-the-less.

Rolex Sky-Rocket

This vintage Rolex Bubbleback has a really interesting name, Sky-Rocket!!! Reminds me of that famous 1970s song, that said "Sky rockets in flight–afternoon delight ;-)

Yet another interesting name that did not stick. I think this Rolex is probably from the early 1920s and the one above is probably from the 1930s. Of course Rolex made many different bubblebacks with fascinating names like the Rolex Unicorn and Rolex Victory.