Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Rolex Coolness: Tom Kristensen: The New Face Of Rolex Racing

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Tom Kristensen

The Face Of Rolex Racing

9 Time Winner Of The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

Rolex just launched this killer new Every Rolex Tells A Story video on Tom Kristensen, and since I have been doing so much Steve McQueen coverage lately, I thought this would be perfect. Le Mans and all...Plus Tom Kristensen kind of has a similar ultra-cool vibe to Steve McQueen and looks like him. One detail that is really interesting about the Loren Janes/Steve McQueen Submariner story is the actual story behind it which is fascinating. Compare the first photo of Steve McQueen on the set of Papillon in the story below to Tom Kristensen. They really do look a lot alike...

Le Mans racing legend Tom Kristensen has been a Rolex Ambassador now for close to eight years now. Tom Kristensen is from Denmark and he is 51 years old. His racing career achievements are amazing!!!

Tom Kristensen not only holds the record for the most 24 Hours of Le Mans wins, with nine wins, but six of them were consecutive back-to-back—from 2000 to 2005!!!

Tom Kristensen is known as "The King Of Le Mans." The 24 Hours of Le Mans is considered to be the most prestigious endurance auto race in the world and it is also the oldest, having been around for 8 decades.

Tom Kristensen has won the 24 Hours Of Le Mans a record-setting nine times!!! Tom Kristensen says "To win, you need to be fast and steady, you need to manage and extend the performance of your car while staying consistent and accurate in you driving–every lap, every second, every hundredth of a second counts!!!"

In many ways Tom Kristensen makes the perfect Rolex Ambassador. He kind of looks like Steve McQueen, with his clean-cut, cool style, doesn't he?