Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rolex Moon Watch Evidence Update NASA Apollo 14 Pepsi Rolex GMT Master

Update: A reader wrote in and asked if this story was about the Pepsi Rolex GMT Master Moon watch I wrote about months ago? No. That Rolex GMT-Master Moon watch belonged to Ronald Evans and went to the moon aboard Apollo 17, as did Jack Swigert's Rolex GMT Master aboard Apollo 13.

First Rolex Moon Watch Proof!!!

Pepsi Rolex GMT Master Moon Watch
NASA Apollo 14

I have been exploring in the NASA archives and I want to give you a significant update, which, for the first time in Rolex history, proves unequivocally, a Rolex GMT-Master was worn on the lunar surface of the moon!!!!

When I first started talking about how NASA Apollo astronauts wore Pepsi Rolex GMT Master watches to the moon and walked on the moon with them, some people thought I was crazy, but today, for the first time, I will prove it beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt.

This first NASA photo is of the NASA Apollo 14 Lunar Module parked on the Moon surface which delivered Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard to the moon surface and returned them to the Service Module.

Apollo 14
Lunar Module Moon Lift-Off
February 6, 1971 18:48:42 UT
Lunar Module Pilot: Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Rolex GMT-Master

The following three photos show Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard as they take-off from the Moon surface to return to the Apollo 14 Command/Service Module in the Grumman-made Lunar Lander module named "Antares." During their moonwalk, Dr. Edgar Mitchell set the all-time record for the longest moonwalk at 9 hours and 17 minutes.

In this first image, we see Alan Shepard putting on his oxygen mask and if you study his facial expression you see a bit of trepidation. After all, he has just experienced the most euphoric experience of his life and he is likely exhausted phyically and mentally–kind of like the way you feel after a full-day of great skiing or snowboarding. He likely realizes if the Lunar Lander does not take-off, they would be stranded on the moon and die.

In the next photo we see Dr. Edgar Mitchell as he prepares the 33,000 pound (15,264kg) Lunar Module (LM) for takeoff–since he was the Lunar Module pilot. We see Dr. Edgar Mitchell wearing his Pepsi GMT Master on his right wrist and we get a clear view of his Rolex Oyster bracelet. He is wearing an Omega Speedmaster Chronograph on a velcro NASA Spec Black Nylon Strap on his left wrist.

In the past, Dr. Edgar Mitchell recalled that he wore his Pepsi Rolex GMT Master on the moonwalk, but there has never been any photographic proof to confirm this fact–until today!!!!

This next photo shows Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard very enthusiastically shaking hands in a euphoric and jubilant moment of exultation as they succesfully take-off in the Lunar Module to return to the Service Module from the moon surface!!!!

This next NASA photo was taken of Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard after they returned from the Moon and were still in a 15 day quarantine in the MSC Lunar Receiving Laboratory at the Lyndon Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Notice, Dr. Mitchell is still wearing his Pepsi Rolex GMT Master on his right wrist.

In the future, I will be publishing much more information on the Rolex Moon Oysters, and to learn much more about Apollo 14 and the Rolex GMT Master watches they wore you can read the article I wrote three years ago.