Tuesday, September 28, 2021

PROJECT X DESIGNS PXD SS1: Customized Rolex LV Submariner

Rolex Coolness: Daniel Craig

The Royal Hunt of the Sun


PXD SS1 Limited Edition

Customized Original 50th Anniversary Rolex LV Submariner

Daniel Craig is a big Rolex fan. In the photo below he is wearing his PROJECT X DESIGNS Customized Original 50th Anniversary Rolex LV Submariner.

Many people argue that Daniel Craig is the best James Bond, and that is saying a lot since he is following in the footsteps of Sean Connery and Roger Moore. In any case, you can always learn about all the watches James Bond actors have worn which I covered in my series named "The Complete History Of James Bond Watches: The Definitive Series," which begins with Ian Flemming and Cary Grant, and goes onto Sean Connery, and walks you through step by step, all the way to the present, with Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig is sporting a copy of "The Royal Hunt of the Sun," which is a play written in 1964 by Peter Shaffer that is about the destruction of the Inca empire by the Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro.

The PROJECT X DESIGNS customized LV Submariner that Daniel Craig is wearing is no longer available because they only made 24 of them, and they sold out quickly. It has its crown guards removed to give it a vintage big-crown look, as well as the Cyclops date magnifier removed.

In the future, I have much more exciting news and James Bond history coming up regarding James Bond and Rolex, so stay tuned!!!