Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rolex Coolness: Larry Hagman From I Dream Of Jeanie to J.R. Ewing on Dallas...

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Rolex Coolness: Larry Hagman


Major Nelson on I Dream Of Jeanie
J.R. Ewing on Dallas

4 Decades with Rolex Keeping The Time Of His Life

Larry Hagman has had an amazing career, and he has been wearing a Rolex Day-Date for the past five decades. In this recent photo below, we see him sporting his trademark yellow gold Day-Date on some kind of custom black and gold strap.

Larry Hagman became extremely famous for his role on the TV show I Dream Of Jennie, where he played Major Anthony "Tony" Nelson. I Dream Of Jennie debuted in 1965 and ran for five seasons through 1970. Season 1 was shot in black and white the next four seasons were shot in color.

Here is the first episode in black and white

When I was a small child I spent countless hours watching I Dream Of Jeanie, which was one of my favorite shows. What man in his right mind would not want a super ultra-hot blond jeannie following him around gladly calling him "Master!?!" while wearing that over-the-top sexy jeannie outfit!?!? In many ways, I Dream Of Jeannie was every man's fantasy come true.

Here is one of the most classic episodes from 1967 of "I Dream Of Jeannie:

Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing on Dallas
CBS 1978-1991

Larry Hagman did not do that much after I Dream Of Jeannie, until 1978 when he played the role of J.R. Ewing on Dallas. One of the things that surprised everybody was how dramatically opposed his role as Major Nelson was to J.R. Ewing on Dallas.

Larry Hagman is pictured below with his fellow cast members from the hit TV show Dallas

Larry Hagman wore a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date on Dallas as seen in the two following screen-shots:

As I mentioned earlier, it is profound how juxtaposed and antithetical Larry Hagman's character of Anthony Nelson was on I Dream Of Jeannie, versus, playing, J.R. Ewing on Dallas. Larry Hagman really defeated being pigeonholed and typecast by Hollywood, and both of his roles were played brilliantly. Larry Hagman's achievements as an actor are profound, and he will forever be a part of the American TV psyche...