Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bloomberg Profiles Rolex

Bloomberg Profiles Rolex
and Highlights Pablo Picasso Rolex

Bloomberg News just published an interesting story about Rolex, which I highly recommend. Bloomberg was fascinated with this image of Pablo Picasso I recently published, and they included it in their story.

Bloomberg wrote:

"Rolex is the only maker of timepieces that also can supply an unscripted photograph of Pablo Picasso wearing an American Indian war bonnet on his head and a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometer on his wrist."

The more I look at this photo of Pablo Picasso wearing his Rolex GMT Master and American Indian headdress, the more I realize it is really kind of like a piece of art in and of itself! Like so many of Picasso's art pieces, it is filled with profound irony, juxtaposition, intensity and surprise.

If you look closely, Picasso is staring directly at the camera, and thus staring back through time at you, but if you look closely, it appears he is staring through the camera. In other words, not looking at the camera, just staring forward. I don't recall ever seeing a photo, like this which has somebody staring at the camera, but not appearing to look you in the eye.