Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Great White Rolex Submariner

The Great White Rolex Submariner
White Dial: Reference 6204
The Oreo Cookie

This is a most unusual Rolex Submariner Rolex, and certainly one of the rarest in the world. Why? Because it has a white dial. This watch has been confirmed by Rolex in Geneva to be completely authentic. So how does it have a white dial? It was likely a prototype dial. Not a prototype in the sense that Rolex thought about making the watch with a white dial, but apparently Rolex used to make first generation prototype dials in white, and this is likely one of them. This image appears courtesy of

I typically refer to the combination of a sports Rolex with a black bezel and white dial as an Oreo Cookie Rolex, because it reminds me of a Oreo Cookie that has been split in half ;-P