Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Will Protect James Cameron During His Record-Setting Attempt

What Will Protect James Cameron
During His Record-Setting Attempt?

James Cameron is preparing to attempt to break the all-time depth record in his DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submersible this weekend. This record breaking attempt represents on of the greatest scientific achievements we will see in our lifetimes, so on Jake's Rolex World I am staying focused on this amazing scientific expedition. Think about it!!! Rolex, National Geographic, and James Cameron collaborating together to return to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench off Guam, 52 years after the last time it was done, to set a new-depth record–just amazing!!!!!

This video showcases how James Cameron will be protected under tremendous pressure. The DEEPSEA CHALLENGER sub sphere is shaped like an egg. A Sphere shape is immensely strong, which architect, Buckminster Fuller proved with his Geodesic Dome. Don't believe me?

Try this experiment. Take a chicken egg, and cradle the top point of the egg in your palm, and cradle the bottom of the egg in your other palm. Then with all your strength, try to crush the egg in your hands be applying downward pressure. You can't. Why? Because the sphere is one of the strongest known shape in the world. Basically, the dual dome shape presses against itself. A Pyramid works on a similar principle. Among other things, this is why Rolex had the extreme dome shaped crystal on the original Rolex DEEPSEA Special.