Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All-New iPhone 5 The Rolex Of Smartphones

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All-New iPhone 5
The Rolex Of Smartphones

Apple recently introduced the all new iPhone 5, and now Apple says on the iPhone microsite:

"iPhone 5 is made with a level of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted watch–not a smartphone."

This is really profound if you think about it, but I have a question for Apple design. Why is the iPhone 5 not waterproof? It would be so simple for them make it waterproof like a Rolex Oyster. It seems like a natural evolutionary step. Any quality watch made today is waterproof, and I say it is time for the iPhone to be waterproof as well. Maybe Apple with make the iPhone 6 waterproof.

Even though I publish Jake's Rolex World, I am the CEO and designer at and I have been working on developing a revolutionary BulletTrain case for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5, which we plan to launch in mid November, so I have become extremely familiar with the iPhone engineering.

It is fascinating to note the iPhone 5 camera lens now incorporates synthetic sapphire crystal for its lens on the rear camera to make it scratch proof, just like a Rolex.

I am really excited for the iPhone 5 because I believe it is the first iPhone/Smartphone to truly deliver on the promise of being able to carry a world-class computer in your pocket.

Many people have predicted the demise of the wristwatch, saying things like "Who needs a watch, I just check the time on my phone", but the reality is that with a watch, you just glance at your wrist and you know what time it is, which is so much more efficient than having to reach in your pocket and having to turn on your phone every time you want to see what time it is.

Also, I have noticed many younger people wearing wristwatches lately.