Thursday, April 09, 2015

Rosie Huntington & Jason Statham A Rolex Family

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Rosie Huntington
Jason Statham
A Rolex Family

Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham are one of the hottest Hollywood couples today, even thought they are both originally from England. Rosie Huntington is a Victoria Secret model, and actress, and she has been dating British actor Jason Statham for four years. Rosie is pictured below wearing a stainless steel Rolex Daytona.

Rosie Huntington is pictured below with her long-term boyfriend, Jason Statham who is wearing a vintage "Orange Hand" Rolex Explorer II.

Jason Statham is pictured below wearing his vintage "Orange Hand" Rolex Explorer II, while speaking at a special movie screening of Killer Elite.

Jason Statham is one of the most popular action adventure actors today.

The Rolex Explorer II "Orange Hand" that Jason Statham is wearing is a Vintage Rolex Reference 1655, which was originally introduced in 1971.

In photo above we see Jason wearing a vintage Daytona, and in the video interviews below we see Jason Statham talking about his current movie he stars in named The Fast & Furious 7, and we see he is wearing a vintage Daytona.

In the photo above and video below we see Jason Statham wearing a vintage Paul Newman Black dial Rolex Daytona, which has a dial that is the reverse of the one in the video interview above.

Fast and Furious 7 Movie

The theatrical trailer for The Fast & Furious 7 can be seen below. I saw this movie recently and it is seriously action packed!!!!