Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bryan Ferry: Rolex Explorer

...Rolex Coolness...

Bryan Ferry

Roxy Rolex

Bryan Ferry's music influenced a generation of listeners, from his early days with Roxy Music, up through his solo career. Bryan wears a vintage stainless steel Rolex Explorer as seen in the photo below.

Bryan Ferry's vintage Rolex Explorer features a tropical dial which has faded to a beautiful brown color as seen in the photos above and below.

Bryan Ferry began his musical ascent as the singer and songwriter for the British glam art rock band Roxy Music.

Bryan is known for being a modern crooner, who was a pioneer glam rocker. He is considered to be a contemporary of David Bowie, but just like Bowie in later years, he developed a more classic sartorial style.

The next two photos of Bryan Ferry were taken by a reader of Jake's Rolex World named Hollister Lowe. 

Photo of Bryan Ferry appears courtesy of Hollister Lowe

Photo of Bryan Ferry appears courtesy of Hollister Lowe

In this next set of images, we see Bryan Ferry wearing his Rolex Datejust on a Jubilee Bracelet. 

Glam Rock

This first video show Roxy Music in a live performance back on August 24, 1972, performing their now classic hit song, Virginia Plain.

The Roxy Music Video below features Bryan Ferry in 1975 singing one of his best songs, titled "Love Is The Drug". Bryan's music is super iconic 80s music and early MTVish...

Next up we see Roxy Music performing their hit song "Dance Away" which was originally broadcast on the BBC on Christmas day of 1979.

The Roxy Music Videos below show Bryan Ferry singing Avalon and More Than This in 1982.

Next, we see Bryan Ferry's hit, Slave To Love from 1985, which was featured in the blockbuster hit movie soundtrack from 9 1/2 Weeks.

All this 80s music is starting to make me remember Nagel prints. Remember Patrick Nagel? His work was pretty cool and Rolex is pretty 80s anyway, isn't it?