Thursday, July 09, 2015

Unique Tudor Heritage Black Baby Model To Be Auctioned as One Watch 2015

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Unique Tudor Heritage Black Baby Model
To Be Auctioned as One Watch 2015

Reference 7923/001

Tudor made a special one-of-a-kind Tudor Black Bay model for the Only Watch 2015 auction. The "Only Watch Action" is a special auction that offers unique watches from top brands. The Tudor Reference 7923/001 is based upon the original 1954 Tudor model with the Reference 7923. In other words, it is a homage to the original Tudor Submariner from 1954.

If we examine the photo above, we see the original Tudor Submariner Reference 7923 on the left from 1954. On the right, we see the unique Tudor Black Bay 2015 model 7923/001. Both have gilt dials, with pencil hands, also with the "lollipop" second hand. The 7923/001 also ads a single red dial designation as well as an upside-down red pyramid marker at 12 o'clock. Both of these elements came from original Rolex Submariner watches from the mid 1950s. It is also interesting to note that Tudor did not use the "Submariner" designation on the 2015 model. If you are not familiar with Tudor, it is a brand owned and produced by Rolex.

This unique Tudor Reference 7923/001 can be yours if you are the top bidder at the "Only Watch Action" which will be coming up on November 6, 2015 in Geneva. You can learn much more about the organization and see more watches in this article.

By the way, the Tudor pictured above looks a lot like the Rolex Submariner Sean Connery is wearing in the photo in the next story below!

Update: The Tudor watch pictured above ended up selling for 375,000 Swiss Francs!!!!!!