Monday, March 20, 2017

David Rockefeller Belongs To The Ages 1916-2017

...Rolex Billionaire...

David Rockefeller
Belongs To The Ages

Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date

Noted Philanthropist & Chairman of Chase Manhattan
Passes Away At Age 101

David Rockefeller, the last surviving grandson of business tycoon and founder of Standard Oil, John. D. Rockefeller, passed away today at a 101 years of age. In the photo below we see David Rockefeller wearing his yellow gold Rolex Day-Date.

I remember watching Charlie Rose interview David Rockefeller back in 2002, and you can enjoy it below. The way David Rockefeller speaks is so old school. He almost sounds like Thurston Howell III, from Gilligan's Island—"Lovey, Darling, ask Gilligan to bring me some hundred dollar bills so I may light my cigar!!!". I remember he referred to his parents, as Mother and Father, which is very formal English...but I like it...

The New York Times wrote a superb retrospective on David Rockefeller life achievement, which I highly recommend checking out. The New York Times article also included this photo of David Rockefeller wearing his Rolex Day-Date.