Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jacques-Yves Cousteau National Geographic Magazine July 1954 Cover

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Jacques-Yves Cousteau

National Geographic Magazine

July 1954 Cover

In my personal opinion, Jacques-Yves Cousteau is the greatest explorer that ever lived. In my recent Chapter 19 of my story titled, "The Complete History Of The Rolex Submariner & SEA-DWELLER: Rolex's Conquest Of The Ocean", I expressed my opinion that Rolex named both the Submariner and SEA-DWELLER after Jacques Cousteau. I have been conducting a great deal of research lately into this subject, and I snapped the photo below of what is probably The Seminal Rolex History issue of National Geographic Magazine.

The July 1954 issue of Nat Geo Magazine features the Rolex advertisement for the Original DEEP-SEA Special on page 7. If you look closely at the cover, you will see this issue covers the "Triumph on Everest", written by Sir John Hunt, and Sire Edmund Hillary." I learned a lot from this story, and plan to cover it in the future on Jake's Rolex World. 

The most interesting story in this issue is seen further down the cover, which includes a story written by Captain J. Y. Cousteau himself, named, "To the Depths Of The Sea by Bathyscaphe." In this story Jacques Cousteau tells his Submariner story of taking the F.R.N.S. 3 Submarine down 4000 feet in late 1953. 

As a historian, it blows my mind that Jacques Cousteau achieved so many amazing things in his life, yet it seems like the world almost completely forgot about him. In other words, as of today my writing on Cousteau is the single largest repository on his lifetime achievements on the web, which is strange to my way of thinking. There is no real documentary about his career, and no modern book that covers his outstanding achievements. I find this to be really weird, as I grew up as a small child watching his amazing "Underwater World Of Jacques Cousteau." Watching his show awakened the Spirit of Inquiry that let me to start publishing Jake's Rolex World. I know there are so many people around the world, both younger and older than me who grew up watching Jacques Cousteau on TV on Sunday evenings, so he is very much a part of the collective human conscience, yet he seems like a ghost, as he has sadly been forgotten by the modern world.

That being said, I am hellbent on making certain he is not sadly forgotten. I plan to expand my coverage of his lifetime work in the future in the way he deserves. In the photo above, which I recently published, we see Jacques Cousteau wearing and testing a Rolex Submariner prototype. I was digging through my archives and stumbled upon this next photo that shows Jacques Cousteau wearing a white gold or platinum Day-Date on a strap, which is very cool.