Thursday, May 04, 2017

The second coming of the Rolex Single Red Sea-Dweller

The Second Coming Of The

Rolex Single Red SEA-DWELLER

2017 Story Preview

Hi everybody, my name is Jose Pereztroika. I am the Editor and Publisher of Jake and I have been colaborating for some time now on a number of Rolex and Panerai history projects. We had been talking for a long time about me coming on board as a writer for Jake's Rolex World.

I am currently working on a really exciting story about the history of the Single Red SEA-DWELLER. I would like to share an exclusive photo of the Single Red SEA-DWELLER that has never been published before, which will appear int the story.

Revolution.Watch recently published a story about my SEA-DWELLER historical timeline, which can be seen below.

A Note From Jake

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Jose, and welcome him onboard as a researcher, writer and historian for Jake's Rolex World! Next week, Jake's Rolex World will enter its 10th year of continuous Publication, which is very exciting and there will be many changes and improvements taking place.

Jose was born and raised in Switzerland, so he has a definite appreciation for fine Swiss watchmaking. Jose is unlike any other horological historian I have ever witnessed. I once described Jose as "Horological Forensics Investigator" [think CSI for Watches]. In some ways Jose is the opposite of me. I am as aesthete, which means I constantly examine the outside design details of a watch, as a beautiful object of art, whereas Jose is obsessed with looking at and analyzing the inside of the watches. Jose finds inner-beauty with the movements of the watches, and his investigative prowess is AMAZING!!! 

Jose has maintained internal databases on Panerai and Rolex movements for years, and when he showed me the level of detail he maintains, it blew my mind! Recently Jose and I collaborated on putting together a Panerai and SEA-DWELLER visual timeline. The idea to do so was Jose's alone, and when I saw the early versions, I could not help but to get hyper-engaged with assisting him. Jose's initial objective was to create a more 3-dimensional timeline, from the 2-dimensional data in his database. Like me, Jose is an advanced graphic artist, and when we both saw the first drafts of the Panerai and Rolex SEA-DWELLER timeframes, we were stunned, and in awe of their natural beauty. In other words, the original goal was to just plot watches and related data on a chronological timeline, but it became immediately apparent the timeframes, just like the watches on them were absolute works of art!!!

It is important to understand with the timeframe posters, they are not just the byproduct of Jose and myself, but the result of endless research insight provided from many, many different sources, including many of the top horological collectors and experts in the world.

Despite our different approaches, Jose and I have one thing in common, which ensures our ships are sailing to the exact same destination—and that is the fact that as historians, we are 1000% committed to the pursuit of capturing the absolute truth behind all this amazing history. Speaking for myself, I believe that when a company has such an amazing history as Rolex, to have anything floating around out there that does not have a basis in fact, is unacceptable. Rolex's magnificent history needs zero exaggeration, and should shun and steer clear of any kind of convulsion. This explains why I recently published my story on Rolex Mythbusting

Jose and I are both Rolex and Panerai historians, and I want to make a clear distinction. I believe vintage Panerai watches, made before the mid 1950s ARE Rolex watches. One of the men who runs Panerai once referred to me as a "Purist", and what he meant is that I am a big fan of all the original Rolex made Panerai watches, like the Reference 3646 and 6154. Vintage Panerai watches, in my opinion are Rolex watches on a different day.

Another thing Jose and I agree upon, is despite the fact I have captured so much incredible Rolex history over the past decade, we believe the best is yet to come, and we intend to share it with you in innovative new ways that go far beyond the current layout of Jake's Rolex World. We intend to create timelines for every major Rolex model, and tie them all together in a super-innovative new online user interface. In other words, if you examine the SEA-DWELLER timeline on an iPhone or iPad, imagine if you could click on the different models, to navigate to much deeper information, including magazine ads, articles and photos of that model. Of course, this will all take time, but it is very exciting!

Jose mentioned at the beginning of this article he is working on a super detailed article about the history of the Single Red SEA-DWELLER. If you are a regular reader of Jake's Rolex World you might be wondering how this is even possible, since I already wrote a 6 part story on the history of the Rolex SEA-DWELLER? Jose's article will include detail on EVERY known and documented example of the original Single Red Rolex SEA-DWELLER, complete with his horological forensics evaluation. I for one, am looking forward to discovering his findings and enjoying his article.

I am extremely excited to work with Jose in the future, and welcome him onboard Jake's Rolex World!!! More than anything, I would say the number one thing Jose and I have in common is an extreme passion for collecting and sharing Rolex history in a meaningful, and insightful way.

Like I said earlier, the best is yet to come!!!