Sunday, June 25, 2017

Winthrop Rockefeller: Rolex Datejust on Jubilee Bracelet

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Winthrop Rockefeller 


More Rockefeller's Rockin' Rolex

In the past, I published a story about David Rockefeller, who wore a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date. It turns out that more Rockefeller's wear Rolex, including David Rockefeller's bother, Winthrop Rockefeller. Winthrop Rockefeller was a famous American politician and philanthropist, who was elected as the first Republican Governor of Arkansas, since Reconstruction. He was one of five grandsons of John D. Rockefeller was an American oil industry magnate and philanthropist.

Winthrop Rockefeller was born on May 1, 1912 and died on February 22, 1973. The photo below was taken at the Winrock Cattle Sale on May 9, 1964, and in the photo we get a clear shot of his Rolex Datejust on a jubilee bracelet. This was not his first Rolex, as I am aware of him wearing a Rolex Oyster Perpetual many years earlier (not pictured).

Another Rockefeller Another Rolex

Winthrop Rockefeller's younger brother, David Rockefeller is pictured below in a 2002 Harry Benson photo wearing his yellow gold Rolex Day-Date. Earlier this year, I wrote a story about David Rockefeller's career achievements and his Rolex. One of the other Rockefeller brothers, Nelson Rockefeller was the Vice President Of The United States under President Gerald Ford, from December 19, 1974 to January 20, 1977.

So I am going to daisychain a little bit now, which is coming for me on Jake's Rolex World. The photo below shows David Rockefeller, wearing his yellow gold Rolex Day-Date, while shaking hands with South African President, Nelson Mandela.

Rothschild & Rockefeller

The next photo below, which appears courtesy of Vanity Fair was taken by Annie Leibovitz in David Rockefeller's Upper East Side Townhouse study, shows British Investment Banker, Lord Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, on the left with David Rockefeller on the right. For some reason, I always get the Roshschild's and Rockefeller's mixed up. These two men represent two of the most influential, wealthy families of the bast couple of hundreds of years. The two families are investment partners in a wealth advisory company. On a side note, the photo below was taken at David Rockefeller's Manhattan townhouse in front of his fireplace, and we see he has an original Gauguin painting above the fireplace, and an original Picasso face sculpture behind him—pretty hardcore, if you think about it...

Jacob Rothschild was born and raised and lives today in England, and The Rockefeller's are an American family. 

One More Rockefeller

I also thought I would include some photos of Senator Jay Rockefeller, wearing two different Rolex Submariner models. The first photo below shows Senator Ted Kennedy, hugging Jay Rockefeller, who is wearing a two-tone Rolex Submariner on a matching yellow gold and steel Oyster Bracelet. Many of Ted Kennedy's relatives, including JFK Jr., Caroline, and Ted Kennedy Jr., wear Rolex watches

The more recent photo below of Senator Jay Rockefeller shows his wearing an all stainless steel Rolex Submariner. Senator Jay Rockefeller is a great grandson of oil tycoon, John D. Rockefeller and he is the nephew of Winthrop and David Rockefeller.