Thursday, July 13, 2017

Amelia Earhart History Japanese Contribution To Search


Major Update 

Amelia Earhart History

Japanese Contribution To Search

Revealed by The United States National Archives

Just when you thought reality once again could not get any stranger than fiction, it has, and I am happy to share EXCLUSIVE "REAL" NEWS with you that you won't find anywhere else on or off the web. I have to admit that the roller-coaster-ride the world has been on with Amelia Earhart news has been really fascinating and overwhelmingly emotional at the same time!?!! 

If you have been following this story, on Jake's Rolex World, you know I have been staying on top of all the developments in this case. On the web now, as I write this, there are still many news outlets, and online publications and bloggers writing about Act II in this case. For me, that's old news already. It's literally yesterday's stale news. They are all pretty much copying and pasting the same story, while trying to ridicule The History Channel with catchy link-bait stories with titles like: "How a Blogger Exploded the Hot New Theory About Amelia Earhart With Only 30 Minutes of Online Searching."

As a real historian I am not interested in playing gotcha, or trying to embarrass anybody. Instead, I am only interested in the truth. So, I am skipping you way ahead of the curve to offer you EXCLUSIVE and genuine Act III information, that you won't find anywhere else on or off the web.

Last night, when I was going to sleep, I was thinking about the most recent revelations from a Japanese Military History blogger about how the purported photo of Amelia Earhart that appeared in the History Channel Documentary had apparently been misdated by at least two years. Then I thought, about how frustrating all this confusing news was, and I thought to myself 'Why can't the U.S. Government just step-in and clarify what actually happened?'

Exclusive Evidence

What you are about to see and read is game-changing evidence that is exclusive to Jake's Rolex World. You won't find a copy of the letter you are about to see and read on, or, or on, or on CNN, or on any blogs from Japanese Military Historians. 

The source of this letter and information is from a Senior Archivist at The United States National Archives that just published a very detailed, fascinating blog post that actually told the story about how the Japanese government aided the United States in the search for Amelia Earhart. This fact, of course, contradicts a major part of the premise of the History Channel Documentary. Below is a letter from the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C., that confirms the Japanese Government attempted in earnest to help the United States find Amelia Earhart. 

If you take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. If you take the red pill and read what Senior Archivist, Dr. Greg Bradsher, of The United States National Archives wrote, be certain to read his first comment located below his recent blog post

So I went from being happy to learn the world had finally achieved closure on the plight of Amelia Earhart, to being sad, just two days later to find out it was apparently not true, to being somewhat happier to learn the Japanese tried in good faith to try and help the U.S. find Amelia. All in all, the blessing-in-disguise with this entire story has been an AMAZING HISTORY LESSON...

I will also mention, I am curious to learn more about how accurate the 1935 dating is on the controversial photo that came from the supposed Japanese Military History blogger. I just can't seem to wrap my head around how the person in that photo is not Amelia Earhart. Specifically, Amelia Earhart had such an unusual and awkward build and haircut for a woman, and back in 1935-1937, NO men had their hair cut below the ear. A lot of sources in the press have been knocking the History Channel Investigators for mistaking the photo for being of Earhart & Noonan, with their airplane on the back of a barge, but I have to say the photographic evidence in that photo is beyond compelling!?!!

There is so much contradictory information in this case. For instance, the fact the Marshall Islands issued a set of 50th Anniversary Stamps that commemorate Amelia Earhart's crash landing is just bizarre, and highly contradicts many points and counterpoints made to date. Why would the Marshall Islands government issue such stamps if there was zero truth behind them!?!!

So now what? What is next? I don't know? I have no plans to permanently convert Jake's Rolex World to Jake's Search For Amelia Earhart World, but if any more interesting news comes up, I will add it...Now, back to our regular scheduled program :-)

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Additional Reading: If you are so inclined, I recommend checkin out the original Official U.S. Navy Report report from the U.S. National Archives titled, "Report Of Earhart Search by U.S. Navy & U.S. Coast Guard. 2-18 July 1937."