Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Apple Watch Beats Rolex!?!!

Apple Watch Beats Rolex!?!!

Apple CEO, Tim Cook took the stage today, an the special Apple Event and announced the new generation of Apple Watch which now has Cellular LTE built in. This means an Apple Watch will be able to make and take phone calls, as well as access data over cellular networks. According to Tim Cook last quarter, Apple watch surpassed Rolex to become the Number 1 watch in the world, as we see in the photos below.

I'm not certain what metric Tim was referring to, whether it was Sales Volume or Quantity of watches sold? This is an interesting claim as Rolex is a privately held company that does not publish its sales volume or sales. I would guess they are making this claim based upon the number of watches shipped, not in dollars, but I might be wrong.

Apple put together the video below that showcases how "Every Apple Watch Tells A Story". I appreciate the Apple watch, but I stopped wearing one a while ago. Why? In the final analysis, the Apple watch was kind of a pain, as I had to always update it, and deal with having to charge it every day. Don't get me wrong, I think there are many, many innovative design characteristic of the Apple Watch, but lately, I have been loving the simplicity of my Single Red SEA-DWELLER, which keeps great time.

The star of the Apple Keynote was the new Apple X iPhone, which is AMAZING and can be seen in the video below: