Saturday, October 27, 2018

The 2018 Formula 1 Recap...


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The 2018 Formula 1

United States Grand Prix

Recap Austin, Texas. Oct 19-21

Formula 1 is MAGICAL! There, I said it. The first Formula 1 race I watched was in 2012 on Fox when I was 8 years old, and I have to say I have been completely obsessed with F1 racing ever since. Watching cars race around a track at speeds in excess of 200MPH is AMAZING! My Mother, who is super awesome took me this last week to see my first Formula 1 race in person and it completely blew my mind!

Formula 1 racing was founded in 1950 when a number of auto manufactures worked together to form the most elite racing series in the world.

Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas has hosted an F1 race every year since 2012, which was the first F1 Grand Prix to be held in America back in 2007. This year there were two drivers battling for the world drivers championship with just three races to go in the season; Sebastian Vettel driving for Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton driving for Mercedes.  

Lewis Hamilton won the Formula 1 series at Circuit of the America's four times in a row and was the favorite to win this race after being fastest in the first two practice sessions. Vettel was handed a penalty for not slowing down enough for a caution and would have to start the race three positions behind where he qualified. 

Things changed in free practice three when Vettel was fastest. The stage was set for a exiting qualifying to set the starting order for Sunday’s race. It did not disappoint; Hamilton finished first by just six thousandths of a second over Vettel who would have to start fifth, and in third was Vettel’s teammate Kimi Raikkonen who also drives for Ferrari who would start second.

On Sunday, anticipation was high for a exiting race and the teams and drivers delivered! On the start Raikkonen got a great launch and overtook Hamilton for the lead which was crucial in the championship for his teammate Vettel. Meanwhile Vettel was side by side with another driver Daniel Ricciardo batling for forth when he misjudged the breaking for turn thirteen and made contact which sent his car sideways. Now, in fifteenth, a determined Vettel was making up position after position. 

Hamilton made an early pit stop and in doing so took a big risk by changing his tires early. If his tires were to wear too fast he would have to stop again for new tires and lose a lot of time, which ended up happening. 

Raikkonen and Vettel made their stops both coming out far behind Hamilton. On lap 38 of 56 Hamilton made a pit stop and came out behind Raikkonen. For the next 18 laps Raikkonen controled the race and came across the line for his first victory in 2044 days. The former world champion became the oldest driver to win at 39 and spoiled Hamilton’s hopes of winning the championship in Austin.

Vettel fought hard to make up places and finished fourth which kept the championship going to the next round in Mexico City this weekend on October 27th, 2018. I am including a preview video for you to check out.