Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Every Rolex Tells A Story: Alain Hubert

Every Rolex Tells A Story

Alain Hubert

A True Rolex Explorer

Alain Hubert is the real deal. He is a Belgian explorer, who is certified polar and mountain guide. He is also the President of the Board and one of the founders of The International Polar Foundation. 

Alain is responsible for obtaining the financing and as well as fro the construction of the 'Princess Elisabeth' scientific research station in Antartica, which is first 'zero emission' station. This station was designed and built under the spirit of the Madrid Protocol, which was established in 1992 to the strictest environmental rules.

Alain was the first Belgian to reach the North Pole, which he achieved in 1994 with Didier Goetghebuer. In 1998 the team set a world record crossing in the entire continent of Antartica all by themselves. It took them 99 days and they covered 3924 miles.

Rolex recently released this new "Every Rolex Tells A Story" video on legendary Belgian Explorer Alain Hubert, which is fascinating.

During Alain Hubert's expeditions he became shocked with the scope and pace of climate change, and has dedicated his life energy to overcoming this challenge. The very cool 2004 Rolex ads below features Alain Hubert along with his trusted BFFL Rolex Explorer II, which he still wears.

If you want to learn more about Alain Hubert's International Polar Foundation check out their amazing video collection.