Thursday, February 09, 2023

Vintage Tudor Submariner Porche Ad

Japanese Tudor Submariner

1968 Porche 906 Ad

My amazing researcher Alan from Hong Kong just surprised me when he sent in this amazing Japanese Tudor Submariner ad that features a Porsche 906. Very Cool!!! Ironically, the Porsche 906 was designed by Ferdinand Piëch, who was the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche.

The photo below is from 1969 and shows Japanese racecar driver Tomohiko Tsutsumi who was a member of the Tudor Watch Racing Team, and notice he is rocking a Tudor Submariner in this photo.

The box below is from 1968 and features the same Porsche 906. If you look carefully you will notice on the front hood of the car there is a 'ROLEX' logo just below the steering wheel, as well as a 'TUDOR' logo at the front of the hood. 

This next image below shows Tomohiko Tsutsumi is the same Tudor branded car in 1969 and notice the Rolex logo has been removed from the front hood of the car.