Friday, July 23, 2021

"Why are Rolex Bracelets so special?"

Spanish Magazine Article Interview

"Why are Rolex Bracelets so special?"

I was recently interviewed by a magazine published in Spain named about Rolex Bracelets, and the article was just published as seen below.

Adrés Moreno asked me the question:

"Why are Rolex Bracelets so special?"

I could have written a book just to answer this question, but due to time constraints I had to be terse and here is my answer to Andrés question:

"Rolex metal bracelets are a universe in and of themselves. Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex originally developed solid metal Rolex bracelets as a much better alternative to leather buckle straps which would wear out much more quickly. In other words, Rolex bracelets offered a perfectly balanced Yin to the Oyster Case Yang. 

Today, Rolex’s three most iconic bracelets are the Jubilee, Oyster and President—the first of which was developed and launched three quarters of a century ago in 1945 to celebrate Rolex’s Ruby Jubilee in the form of the Jubilee Bracelet on the revolutionary Rolex Datejust model.

If you study the evolution of Rolex bracelets you find they closely parallel the timeless design language of the watches themselves. Rolex’s super-iconic trademark bracelets are the result of purpose driven design coupled with perpetual refinement and innovation that have resulted in maximum comfort, elegance and utility on the wrist."