Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Real History of The Rolex Helium Release Valve

The Real History of 

The Rolex Helium Release Valve?

Amazing Historical Findings

Jose and I have worked closely for years now on trying to put together all the Rolex history puzzles around the development of the Rolex Submariner including the SEA-DWELLER Helium Release Valve. The strange thing about being a Rolex historian is that every time you think you solve another Rolex mystery, you find a new one staring you in the face. Jose just published a new story on Periscope named "THE DOXA HRV" which sheds a great deal of light on the development of the SEA-DWELLER and its helium release valve which I highly recommend reading. 

Above we see legendary U.S. Navy SEALAB saturation pioneer, Dr. George Bond whose nickname was "Papa Topside", and notice he is wearing a Rolex Diving toolwatch which is either a Submariner or SEA-DWELLER. If you are not familiar with my research findings be sure to check out my 20 Chapter series named "The Complete History of The Rolex Submariner & SEA-DWELLER."

Jeff's photo below shows an early Rolex Sea-Dweller Helium Gas Release Valve.

A few years ago Jose and I put together the pieces of the Comex/Rolex puzzle, and in Jose's new story he includes this amazing historical Rolex letter.

Jose and I worked together on the development of this really cool poster titled "History of the Rolex Sea-Dweller" which maps out all the steps in the evolution of Rolex's conquest of the ocean.

1967 Helium Release Valve

The three pages below are a copy of Rolex's Patent Application for the Helium Release Valve. Notice it was originally filed on November 6, 1967.

Jose is pictured below standing in front of SEALAB 1. To learn much, much more about Jose's fascinating adventure to visit Bob Barth, and the SEALAB Museum, head over to his story on Perezcope.com.