Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Rolex Release Cancellation: While We Wait

While We Wait

Enjoy this 1-minute video


The announcement from Rolex that it will postpone releasing its 2020 collection was a disappointment but understandable. The reaction I read the most in the watch community after learning the news was, "Makes sense!" Rolex has not announced a new date; the situation of this global pandemic, after all, is changing almost daily.

So while we wait a few months, or a year, I wanted to quickly post this video of two Rolex watches that don't exist, except virtually. Credit to Jenni Elle, a German watch lover, for making these two virtual watches through the magic of CGI. While this is by no means a prediction, it is still fun to look at; it ties us over and helps us get excited about the possibilities.

Jenni Elle, who made the video above, has a fun watch channel on YouTube.