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Update by Jake

April 5, 2021

This story has been getting a great deal of attention—and rightfully so—as Dr. Joe MacInnis' SINGLE-RED 'SEALAB' SEA-DWELLER represents 'The Holy Grail of SEA-DWELLER models'. Keep in mind, this story is ONLY a preview with the final story coming soon... 

Searching for this hyper-elusive Rolex over the past two decades was extremely complicated and tedious and often felt like I was trying to find and prove that Bigfoot exists!?!! 

This is a moment I have been waiting for a long, long, long time, and as you will see in the final article this story has many far-reaching implications as much new information has been pouring in from my global research team and other amazing sources. In other words, I believe when the new story is published in the not-so-distant future, it will represent the first time we gain a truly comprehensive understanding of the genesis of the Rolex SEA-DWELLER.

World's First




Finally Discovered!!!!!!!!

This is such big news I had to borrow Hodinkee's BREAKING NEWS header again!!!! Since Rolex published a teaser yesterday for their new releases which we will be covering live next week, I thought I would share a teaser for an amazing upcoming story which is a complete game-changer in the history of the Rolex SEA-DWELLER.

Dr. Joe MacInnis rocking his 1968 SINGLE-RED 'SEALAB' SEA-DWELLER Prototype (Reference 1665) back in 1985 while on a mission to the Spanish galleon treasure ship 'Atocha' near Key West, Florida which sank off the Florida Keys in 1622.

Dr. Joe MacInnis

Renowned Physician Scientist,

DEEP-SEA Explorer & Author

Back in 2010, as part of my 20 Chapter series titled "The Complete History of The Rolex Submariner & SEA-DWELLER: Rolex's Conquest of the Ocean", I published Part 15 which was titled "Dr. Joe MacInnis, DEEP-SEA Explorer" in which I first identified him wearing a vintage Rolex SEA-DWELLER back in the early 1970s. At the time I had no idea he was wearing a SINGLE-RED 'SEALAB' SEA-DWELLER!?!!

The exclusive recent photo below shows Dr. Joe's previously undocumented SINGLE-RED 'SEALAB' SEA-DWELLER which features the original dial.

Dr. Joe MacInnis Single Red SEALAB SEA-DWELLER Prototype (Reference 1665) in a recent exclusive photo.

This story represents one of the most profound discoveries I have ever made in my close to a decade-and-a-half of publishing Jake's Rolex World and showcases one of the greatest missing pieces of the Rolex SEA-DWELLER history!!! I have spent many hours interviewing Dr. Joe MacInnis for this upcoming story over the past year which has been amazing!!! "Dr. Joe" as he is affectionately referred to was a member of the SEALAB III Mission and was given his Rolex SINGLE-RED 'SEALAB' SEA-DWELLER back in 1968 by Rolex U.S.A. in October of 1968 just after he joined the SEALAB III Program.

Dr. Joe MacInnis pictured above in 1968 at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco wearing his prototype Rolex SINGLE-RED 'SEALAB' SEA-DWELLER while examining the SEALAB III habitat as it sits in dry-dock before traveling down to San Diego for her mission.

U.S. Navy SEALAB 3 In The Pacific Ocean off San Clemente Island, California 
[55 Nautical Miles (102 Kilometers) Off The Coast of California]

The photo above shows the SEALAB III Habitat as she is being towed to her mission off the coast of Southern California. In the photo below we see mission divers pictured in front of the SEALAB III habitat.

The photo below features a super-cool Rolex Magazine Submariner advertisement from 1974 which features Dr. Joe MacInnis.

Jose from and I put together the poster below named "HISTORY OF THE ROLEX SEA-DWELLER—Rolex's Conquest Of The Ocean", which shows the historical ark of how the Rolex SEA-DWELLER evolved from the original 1926 Rolex Oyster. 

Click image to zoom in for much more detail

Jose and I have been busy putting together many new puzzle pieces for the upcoming Dr. Joe MacInnis story which we intend to publish sometime in the next month!!!