Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Rolex and National Geographic Perpetual Planet Amazon Expedition Along the Juruá River

The Rolex and National Geographic 

Perpetual Planet Amazon Expedition

Along the Juruá River

Rolex supports its Perpetual Planet Initiative partner, the National Geographic Society, in a series of trailblazing expeditions and scientific studies of the Amazon River basin. This incredible expanse is one of the most important biomes on Earth, providing an astonishing amount of our freshwater and a home to thousands of species of fish. 

2019 Rolex Awards for Enterprise Laureate João Campos-Silva and his research partner and fellow National Geographic Explorer Andressa Scabin are collaborating with local communities on the Amazon’s Juruá River. There, the team investigates the lives of aquatic animals such as giant turtles and manatees, while developing a conservation model that puts community at its heart. From this, they will help build a sustainable and fair future for the river and all that call it home.