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The Hunt For The Earliest Rolex Submariner Ad 1954 Rolex Submariner Ad


The Hunt For The Earliest Submariner Ad

1954 Rolex Submariner Ad

If you are a regular reader of Jake's Rolex World, you know I am working a series of books that cover the entire history of Rolex. One of the subjects I cover in great detail in the books is the genesis of the Rolex Submariner which remains one of the most icon watches in history. In particular, I am fascinated with the really early Rolex Submariner advertisements. 

Above we see a very early ad that was originally published in the Tampa Morning Tribune on November 25, 1954, and it is filled with all kinds of fascinating detail, including the fact the first Rolex Submariner retailed for $150!?!?!?!

Also, we see the correct pronunciation of "Sub-Marine", which means the model was correctly pronounced Sub-Marine-er. Below is the upcoming book cover of the volume that goes into great detail on the origins of the Rolex Submariner: