Friday, May 30, 2008

Follow Up on Pan Am White GMT IIs

PCS's beautifully customized watches really made me think:

I really like them and I knew Rolex made the Pepsi with a white dial as seen in the fourth images below, but I did not realize they also originally made the black bezel with the white dial as well.

The watches above are GMT II Rolex Watches with Rolex Explorer II white dials.  The watch below is an original 1959 Pan AM GMT with a white dial and black bezel.  So basically when I was saying that I loved the Black Bezel GMT with a White Dial and that Rolex should make this watch, I did not realize they did make it 45 years ago as Reference Number 6542.

I did some research on the original white dial GMTs and it turns out they are extremely rare and if you can find one for sale they have a current market value of at least $100,000.

Original GMT Oreo Cookie from 1958