Monday, June 16, 2008

1953 Pink Gold Rolex Triple Date Moonphase...

Considered by many Rolex Collectors to be the Ultimate Rolex Wristwatch, the Reference 6062 is an absolute Timeless Masterpiece.  

Christie's Sold this Ultra-Rare Rolex watch for $290,512.  It may be one of a kind in Pink Gold with this dial.

The Jubilee bracelet is the original bracelet that came with the watch in 1953.

This is about as rare as it gets in the wonderful world of Rolex...

I think Rolex should bring this design back as a production model.

Its design language is so pure, elegant timeless, functional and flawless.

I think it would sell really well...Especially if Rolex made it in 40MM...I really hope Rolex brings back complicated watches and gives Patek a run for its money...After all it is a part of the Rolex legacy that deserves not to be ignored, and should be celebrated...

Magnificent!  Absolutely Magnificent!!!