Saturday, June 14, 2008

1964 Rolex Submariner Advertised for $195...

This vintage Rolex advertisement from Skin Diver Magazine in 1964 is fascinating and filled with some very interesting facts.

It is hard to believe that in 1964 the Stainless Rolex Submariner retailed for $195.

It is amazing to compare and contrast older Rolex copy with recent copy.

You can buy an underwater watch for $39.95

The Rolex is $195

That cheaper watch may work just fine.

The Rolex Submariner 660' leaves nothing to chance.

You can't make a mistake. Here's why: Guaranteed water and pressure-proof to depth of 660 feet.

Super shock-resistant.

Self-widing 25 -jewel certified chronometer movement.

Revolving bezel registers elapsed dive time.

Hands and dial are extra luminous for utmost visibility.

The Submariner's "Crown-Guard" steel shoulders completely protect the crown from accidental knocks against hard surfaces.

And...the Submariner is the one piece of SCUBA equipment you can wear proudly 24 hours a day.

Its rugged good looks cut a handsome swath in or out of the water.

Go ahead and show it off. It looks great on you!

Stainless steel Oyster case with special "Tropic" crystal and matching flushfit bracelet. $195 (federal tax included).

When case, crown and crystal are intact.

P.S. Did you know that the Submariner 660' is the father of our famous Rolex "bathyscaph" watch which was fitted to the outside of the "Trieste," spent 20 minutes on the ocean floor (at 35,797 feet), withstood pressures of over six tons per square inch, and maintained perfect accuracy throughout and after that grueling test?

That watch is now in the Smithsonian Institution. The Rolex Submariner is at your nearest quality jeweler.

Skin Diver-June 1964