Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bob Hope for Rolex...

This Bob Hope advertisement from 1960 is classic and brings back a lot of memories...It is hard to believe this Rolex advertisement is from almost 50 years ago.  The marketing message is timeless if you think about it...

This Vintage Rolex Advertisement Reads:

Where did you get your Rolex?

Leaders in all walks of life acknowledge that pride of Rolex ownership starts conversations...makes strangers friends and distinguishes each as a person of taste and judgment.

This is to be expected...for discriminating leaders throughout the world depend upon Rolex to guard their precious time.

Rolex as you may know, has produced more officially certified Chronometers than all other watch makers combined.

A watch with manufacturing and accuracy specifications approved by Swiss Testing Stations.

Official time piece Pan American World Airlines.

Bob Hope, distinguished Rolex owner and star of "The Facts of Life"