Thursday, June 05, 2008

Future Generations...

This is a great vintage Rolex Advertisement and the copy is prescient and moving:

Future generations must be inheritors, not just survivors.

Snow Leopards in the Himalayas. Tigers in the wilds of India. Mountain gorillas and lions in Africa, Jaguars in the swamps of Brazil.

George Schaller, pictured above with a snow leopard, has spent many years in remote and rugged places studying the natural history of rare animals–and fighting for their survival.

He sees these animals as symbols of the habitats in which they live. Preserve their habitats and thousands of other plants and animals will be assured of a home.

As the Director for Science of Wildlife Conservation International, a division of the New York Zoological Society, Schaller and the staff have helped establish more than 50 wildlife reserves around the world.

George Schaller points out that the destruction of environments is now so drastic that, in the decades ahead, the nature of life on earth will be irrevocably changed.

For Schaller, saving fragments of nature is a matter of great urgency.

Recently he faced one of his greatest challenges, working with Chinese scientists to save the giant panda, of which there are fewer than 1,000 still alive in the world.

Currently he is working on the Tibetan plateau in order to help preserve the wildlife of those remote uplands.

Since his work takes him to some of the most forbidding places on earth, choosing the right equipment is crucial to success.

It is not surpassing that Schaller wears a Rolex, "My watch has got to be absolutely reliable, as animal observations are invariably recorded under the most demanding conditions. My Rolex has never let me down."

Inhospitable conditions seem to pose no problem for George Shaller Or his Rolex.