Saturday, June 28, 2008

Military Submariner...

This is a Military Submariner, which is most often referred to as a "Mil Sub."

I believe the reason it has the orange indices is because the original Tritium discolored over time and the Tritium on the Fat "Sword Hands" is starting to flake off.

Even though the two-tone lume looks unusual it is considered by most to be very appealing.

There are several characteristics that differentiate a Mil Sub from a standard Rolex Submariner. First is the Fat Sword hands that have much more lume and no Mercedes emblem on the hour hand and the "T" for Tritium designation in a circle designation toward the bottom middle of the dial. 

These watches are very rare and Rolex used to make custom watches for different military organizations all over the world including the U.S. Navy and the British Royal Navy.

This watch also comes on a real NATO strap. In the first James Bond movie "Dr. No" Sean Connery wears a Rolex Submariner on a NATA Strap and Sean Connery always wears his Submariner on a NATO strap as Bond. Roger Moore and George Lazenby wear their Rolex Submariner on the traditional Oyster Bracelet...