Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rolex Explorer II with White Dial...

The White Dial Rolex Explorer II is one of the great Rolex Classics.  The Explorer II is not as popular as the Submariner or the GMT because people seem to love the rotating bezels.

That being said, the Explorer II is probably the most durable Rolex made.  I say this because the bezel has a brushed satin finish and does not move. Hard to break and even harder to scratch.  This Rolex Really is a serious Tool watch.

I would not be surprised if we see a major design overhaul at Basel 2009, where the Explorer II gets a Triplock Crown, Supercase with wider lugs, Maxi Markers, Fatter Hands and yes, a movable bezel.

I think if Rolex makes these changes, the Explorer will be as popular as its Sub, GMT & Daytona Brethren.  That being said, the current Explorer II is a very cool watch.