Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vanilla Pepsi, and Vanilla Espresso meet Vanilla Coke...

Vanilla Pepsi & Vanilla Coke

The first two Rolex GMT Masters with white dial are 100% authentic factory Rolex watches. Rolex originally developed the GMT for Pan American World Airways in the late 1950s for their pilots to wear. The watch for their pilots had a black dial and it is believed that they ordered less than 100 with the white dial for their executives so they could be easily differentiated.

The white dial GMTs are extremely rare and are probably worth a $100.000 each. But the story does not stop there...

Original 1958 Reference 6542 Vanilla Pepsi & Coke GMT's

I ran a story a month ago about how PCS from Germany took standard GMTII Masters and put white Rolex Explorer II dials and hands on them to make them look very similar to the original Vanilla Pepsi and Vanilla Espresso.

Vanilla Espresso GMT

Pictured above is PCS's stunning custom Vanilla Espresso GMT. Understand that you can not buy this watch from Rolex this way.

Vanilla Coke GMT

Well it turns out that Knut from the forum also has a custom Vanilla Pepsi, and Vanilla Espresso, but he went a step further and also created a Vanilla Coke pictured above.

Beautiful Watches!!!

Vanilla Pepsi GMT

Vanilla Espresso GMT's