Monday, October 20, 2008

Could this be a photo of Jacques Cousteau wearing a Rolex Submariner?

Jacques Cousteau Submariner

Gerard who goes by GJ in some of the forums sent me an email to say how much he is enjoying Jake's Rolex Watch Blog. He also reminded me of an excellent French site named Military Watch that has a page dedicated to examining the watches of Cousteau–which you can visit by clicking here.

On the "Cousteau and Watches" page of the French Military Watch site the writer (whose name I can't find) suggests Jacques Cousteau is wearing a Rolex Submariner in this 1955 photo/screen capture from Jacques Cousteau's movie named "Silent World." Silent World was the first of 3 oceanographic Jacques Cousteau movies to win an Oscar.

It is difficult to tell from the photo with 100% certainty, but to my eyes I would say it really looks like a Submariner.

People protect what they love. –Jacques Cousteau

I have been doing quite a bit of research lately on Jacques Cousteau and I learned Jacques was very close friends with Rene-Paul Jeanneret who was the director of Rolex and is credited for being the driving force behind the development of the Submariner and GMT.

In Gerard's email on the subject of Jacques Cousteau to me he goes on to say:

"Could it be that Rolex sponsored Cousteau's travels?
That idea crossed my mind many, many times...
I think we will never find out as Rolex as a company is one big mystery."

I have wondered the same thing and I believe I am going to answer that question sooner than later. I can't guarantee that I will be able to answer it, but intend to give it my best shot.

Update: Jake's Rolex Watch Blog discovered Jacques Cousteau's Rolex Submariner in March of 2009 and you can check out the article by clicking here.